I want to lay down beside Reuben again; crushing the grass beneath us,
The sunset playing our host; talking endlessly without words…

I have the most precious memories of my time spent at Khali estate in Binsar. Where do I begin?



Should I tell you about the time we giggled our way through the night as a friend’s snores made experiencing the stillness of the night impossible. Or the time we met the most amazing couple over our common love for music and alcohol!! The sunset teasing us – our blank idle minds enjoying some random music.

I have to consciously remind myself that you’re here in search of travel ideas, not my nostalgic musings!!

Binsar is a small idyllic town & Khali estate infuses life into it.

Khali estate brings with it the promise of lazy days, drunken evenings and laughter filled nights. The pine smell envelopes you as you experience the crisp morning air!!

You can spend your days enjoying the library in the main house & remember that Pt. Nehru sat in the same library (probably the same chair you are sitting in) decades ago.

1933944_166280760476_7054888_n 1933944_166280925476_6853360_n

While you’re enjoying your day the caretaker will send someone to collect fresh farm produce. After tucking into a delicious home cooked lunch, retire to your cottage to dream some fancy dreams.

Wake up just when the sun is contemplating welcoming the moon. Walk past the cottages & into the wilderness beyond the property gates. Don’t forget to carry your music & drinks. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the nature flight!!

Email: mountainresort@rediffmail.com
Remember: Khali estate is located inside the Binsar Wildlife sanctuary. Enter the gates before they close at sunset
This property boasts not just of an illustrious history but is also the only property in the National Park besides the govt. owned KMVN
The owner/caretaker’s son actively works with Village Ways (An organization committed to improving the quality of life of villagers through Village Tourism). Guests are free to book a walk or an overnight stay to one of the empaneled villages
Route from Delhi: From Delhi via Moradabad, Tanda, Bilaspur, Kaladhungi, Nainital, Bhowali Garampani, Almora. Beyond Almora the route turns through Kasardevi, Kaparkhan, Binsar Santuary gate to Mountain Resort (Khali Estate).
Distance from Delhi: 370 km
Helpful URLs: http://www.khaliestate.com


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