As we walk down forgotten paths
We stumble upon memories radiating happiness & warmth..
The more roads we discover
Greater is the love we uncover!!

Travel & Food weaves my husband (Reuben) & me together. The ensuing laughter, bond & memories have ensured no worldly ambitions come in the way. I will walk down memory lane and recollect some of our offbeat holidays today

Caution: This travelogue comes packed with nostalgia & an occasional digression into our personal lives!!

Raju ji’s Cottage, Gushaini – Tirthan Valley: We were told we’d have to park our car where the road ended and scream for Raju ji who lives in his cottage across the Tirthan River (on the other side of the road). “Scream loudly” my cousin said. “If Raju ji hears you, he will toss a metal basket across the river to haul you across.”

1We reached Gushaini & tentatively parked our car. I don’t remember if I feared the thought of our car getting stolen unattended more or the thought of crossing the swollen Tirthan ahead of us. Calling Raju ji was not half as dramatic as my cousin had made it out to be!! Raju ji was expecting us and tossed the metal basket soon as we reached.

Honestly, the basket looked rather frail!! After numerous assurances that the basket wouldn’t break- and I wouldn’t mercilessly be thrown into the river mid-way, I snuggled in with the metal. People usually haul themselves onto the other side. There was no way I was sitting in a swaying basket & not holding on to the sides for dear life!! Amidst complaints, grudgingly my husband & Raju ji started pulling at the cords.

The place was much prettier than its description. At the cost of sounding dramatic, imagine entering a wonderland & the door behind you closing for the rest of the world.

Your own private river, an apple orchard providing unlimited fresh apple cider. Raju ji’s wife serving us yummm fresh trout every day!!


Ascend a flight of stairs and read all day to the sound of the Tirthan gently whispering in the background. At night Raju ji would light us a bonfire, leave his dog to guard us & ensure that we had enough supplies to last us the entire night. I still miss talking to Reuben through the night in the privacy of our very own stars and the open sky.

Raju’s mail ID:
Route from Delhi: Delhi – Panipat – Ambala – Anandpur Sahib – Drive from Anandpur Sahib Road and NH 21A to Ghaghas (approx. 120km) – Continue to Kartarpur, Mandi (approx. 55km) – Aut (Turn right at Aut Tunnel) – Follow NH20 and NH305 (approx. 58km)
Distance from Delhi: 504 km
Best Time to visit: June to August
Helpful URL:


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