Feel fortunate if you have one person in your life who puts every wish of yours before theirs; who will give up everything good in their life to make yours a little better.
I feel blessed ‘coz I have 2…My Dad & Reuben!!

One of the endless random requests to Reuben included taking me to a place I saw in a picture on the landing page of Bing. I like to think of him as my shooting star. Like all wishes made upon a shooting star, this one came true as well!!

Faroe is a cluster of islands between Denmark & Iceland.

I knew we would discover magic soon as our plane descended. There was a lake on a cliff in a sea!! Yes!! A lake on a cliff in the sea!! We got ourselves a gorgeous holiday home on the lake without a soul for miles on either side. 3


The problem with finding these little pieces of paradise is that GPS doesn’t always work here and everyone knows everyone so they don’t feel the need to mark houses etc. Of course, we didn’t know this until after we landed one late evening!!

After trying unsuccessfully to locate our beautiful house, we switched to the ol’ ways of knocking on a few doors. One of the families just pointed us to a light bulb at a distance & said- ” That’s the house.” They missed telling us that the house was not connected by road!! So after several u turns over a 200m radius, we finally figured a natural path leading to the cottage. One look and we were in love!! DSC08874


Just before your view merges with the horizon you can see the lake flowing into the welcoming arms of the sea. Ducks would come visiting every morning. I spent countless hours in Reuben’s lap reading as he gazed onto the sea and enjoyed the perfect state of harmony. (Since I’m writing this after a couple of mimosas, I can confess he did throw me off his lap every now & then to find his own personal nirvana.)

We drove between islands using Bour as our base. We saw a village (with 15-20 families) on a mountain top with a waterfall kissing the ocean only for their viewing pleasure.


We saw what someone described as the “witch’s steps”.. Steps that spookily vanish into the water


The list is endless. You will want to capture every inch of the islands but we realized you can’t!! So forget about clicking 1000s of pics & vids. Take a few for memory & spend the balance time soaking in the beautiful art work of nature around. DSC08991





Reuben gets into this heightened sense of alertness before we’re due to travel (I’m avoiding the use of word “hyper” in the interest of our marriage) – We will reach the airport an hour before we need to. Every list will be made and checked 10 times over..Get the drift?? Faroe was no different!! Reuben insisted we return the car an hour before schedule and sit at the airport for 3 hrs!! After being with him for 14+ years, I know when it’s pointless arguing. We reached the airport to find it shut!! No lights, locked doors SHUT!! It’s an airport dude!! We waited in the car for an hour before everyone else rose from their slumber.. I left Faroe wondering about our lives & the pointless need to be in a constant state of rush!!

Best time to go: June to September
How to get there: Atlantic Airways flight via Copenhagen to Faroe Islands
Where to Stay: VA 03 Smáttan í Bø, FO-386 Bøur. Approx 6km from the airport. Cottage in the small idyllic village Bøur is down to a rocky beach. There is no road leading down to the cottage, which is approx. 80 m from the road
Our Itinerary: Vagar airport to Bour. Keeping Bour as our base, we covered Gasadalur, Eidi and Streymoy. We took a ferry from Tórshavn to Tvøroyri and spent two nights in Sumba (covered Akraberg keeping Sumba as the base).


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  1. Hello Ms Singh,
    The place is amazing and certainly far away from the hustle and bustle of the daily chaos. No wonder you keep so calm under all situations moreover the two men in your life are the support function it seems. Good luck to you all and will try to visit this place. The information you have shared looks quite informative as well.
    B. Paul


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