Maldives is one of the world’s most geographically dispersed countries. There are 1000+ coral islands. Since each island is typically inhabited by one hotel chain, you’ll be surprised by the seclusion these hotels provide despite having hundreds of other guests around. It’s also the lowest country in the world with an avg. ground level of 1.5m above sea level. That qualifies it as one of the few places in the world where it’s possible to build Villas over water.


Anniversary celebrations call for some indulgence so we booked ourselves a water villa at the Sheraton Full Moon resort. Since we couldn’t afford it beyond 2 days, we decided to switch to a lower category room for the balance part of our stay.

Sheraton knows how to pamper their guests. The pampering starts right at the airport. There were 4 people at the airport to ferry us to the hotel in a speedboat. You heard me!! 4 people for 1 couple. We weren’t complaining coz really, who minds the attention!! The entire staff congratulated us on our 14 years of marriage and upgraded us for free. Now we’ve been upgraded in the past so we weren’t particularly prepared for the surprise awaiting us. Our home for the first part of our trip was a beach villa (on the ocean with a private pool)!! The place was STUNNING!! We couldn’t have asked for more. Sheraton didn’t stop at an upgrade. We walked in to find ourselves in the company of some bubbly and cake.

We were ecstatic, screaming with joy. Literally!! I’m not talking just happy thoughts -we were literally screaming with joy!! The villas have a private pool overlooking the Indian ocean. Overlooking isn’t the right word. The ocean waves would wait for high tide & then splash into our pool occasionally just to challenge the calmness they couldn’t experience. I must confess though, our first hour there was horrible for Reuben. I spent every minute asking for an exact replica as our retirement home. After a few drinks, I forgot all about the future & dived deep into the present.


We spent hours reading on the hammock or drinking in the pool, distracted throughout by the ocean in front of us. We couldn’t draw the curtains at night for the fear of missing a sunrise and couldn’t go back to the bedroom long after sunset. You get the drift!!

Our home for the second part of the trip were the famous Water Villas. I’ll never forget our time in the water villas. For the first time in 14 years Reuben wrote me a verse. That’s shocking because expecting romance from Reuben is like expecting polar bears to move to the South pole. I was moved to tears with what he wrote. I also knew that with those tears, I had forever lost my right to call him unromantic. He made me try my hand at snorkeling at those villas. We’d snorkel by the day & then wait for the fishes to join our after party after sunset. They never disappointed!! We had all sizes and colors visit us through the night. The small light illuminating the water under the villa acting as their lighthouse.   If you do decide to stay at the water villas, I’d recommend you pick the Club Villa package. It gives you club access and some complementary stuff but more than that it’s just nice to sometimes spend a few hours enjoying the positive vibes of couples trying to weave new memories.


Amongst life’s harder choices was the choice to leave that paradise & return to normalcy. If everything could be weighed in kilos, I came back 5kilos heavier, 100 kilos happier and 1000 kilos more in love!!

Recommendations for Maldives

  • Best time to go: December to March
  • How to get there: Sri Lanka Airways from Colombo to Male
  • Ideal Trip time: 4 days

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