So primal and raw; and yet so elegant
Evoke fear in a setting that’s never stagnant
They beckon me each time I’m gone too long
The wild habitat to which we all belong!!


Having already made the acquaintance of lions &whales, alligators & leopards we felt like befriending bears this time. What better place than Alaska!!A quick search showed some grizzlies feasting on fresh salmon on the edge of Brook falls..Imagine a simple boardwalk between you & these huge beasts!!

Feel the adrenalin rush??

A seaplane would take us to Katmai & we’d spend a night at the Brook falls resort – steps away from our delightful grizzlies. We immediately confirmed our reservation & went about planning the rest of the trip around this central attraction.


We landed in Anchorage & like every other trip immediately drove away from the main city to Girdwood . We stayed at the Carriage House(BnB). I loved the owner coz he had a bottle of wine waiting for us. Anyone with “spirit” is an instant hit with me. The constant downpour came in the way of us exploring the little town.

I’d heard Ice calving can be a spectacular sight. Giant slabs of ice break away and calve into the sea accompanied by a thunder-like rumbling. We took Phillips cruise in Whittier to check out Prince William Sound and Ice Calving. Watching nature go about it’s business is always fascinating. The killer whales and humpbacks, seals and otters, eagles & migratory birds just make for delightful add ons en route.
Another spellbinding site is large floating white cotton candy on the sea. As your boat gets closer you realize they’re slabs of ice drifting away in isolation as if in disagreement with the main glacier. Gorgeous gorgeous sight!!




You can pack a crazy amount in a day given that the sun sets only after 9pm.Our next stop was Seward. We spent most of our time walking by the waterfront and all our meals were at this cosy restaurant called “The Cookery” . We honestly didn’t care much for the city or the hotel. Skip the place is my suggestion.

You’ll come across a restaurant called “Kingfisher Roadhouse” with a spectacular view en route to Cooper Landing. It’s one of those places that draws you to it. Not in a scary haunting way;) The view is just the perfect backdrop while you’re treated to some scrumptious food.



I generally don’t mind getting lost when I’m traveling. Reuben panics a bit but the explorer in me completely takes over. More often than not, it leads you to unplanned experiences that make for the best stories. We mistakenly took a wrong turn on our way to Homer that led us to a stunning jungle. To date, I don’t know what that place is.

Next up was Homer. As a child, I once dreamt I was driving on a bridge with nothing but turbulent water on each side for what seemed like hundreds of miles. I must’ve seen true lies !! Anyways I expected Homers Spit drive to be like that. A land mass ending in sea with nothing else around. I was tripping on the romance of it all.


We reached Homers Spit and were greeted by THOUSANDS of people living  ON the spit…literally ON THE SPIT!! Hundreds of cars and campers take up whatever place remains. Can you imagine what that did to my romantic visual!! Don’t get me wrong.. It’s still gorgeous but from a distance. We stayed at the “Skyline Cottage” –

Nothing can keep you down too long when you know your star attraction is coming up the next day. We went in for our orientation and I could feel the adrenalin kick in as the operator prepped us for our breakfast meeting with the Alaskan brown bears. There was a live cam tracking the activity at Brooks Falls. I saw a cluster of 4 on the falls and almost wanted to dive into the screen.

We followed all instructions to the T and reached the sea plane venue 15mts before the scheduled time. Words can’t possibly express my excitement. We’d traveled across the world from India for these fellas. Just when I was praying they don’t play hard to get, the pilot announced the trip cancellation. Apparently a storm gathered strength and all flights were cancelled. To make matters worse the weather prediction wasn’t any better for the next two days. We were flying out of Alaska in 2 days:(. The thought of having missed the bears still depresses me. I’ll save you the depression and jump straight to our next stop.

Our last stop was Kalifornsky. We stayed at a beautiful ocean side property. Spent our days idling and evenings getting cosy by the fireplace. Perfect place to vegetate. On our way out from Anchorage we stopped by for our last local meal at a very famous restaurant called “Orso”. Try their local fish called “Fresh Alaskan Halibut”



The thought of Alaska still brings to fore the fresh pine smell as you drive along the sea.


Recommendations for Alaska

  • Best Time to go: June to August. We went in July
  • Ideal Trip Time: 10 days
  • Places to stay: Covered in the write up
  • Route Map

Alaska map



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